Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bump in the Road, and then a Steep Cliff

Not even two weeks into this routine and I've ran into a few big hiccups. I didn't mention this with my run down of the first week of 5/3/1, but after my last set of squats that week I had this insanely odd headache that I've never experienced. I could feel my heart beat in the back of my skull, behind my left ear, and every beat was painful. This lasted roughly 10 minutes and would strike at every proceeding workout when I'd finish the final rough few reps. Obviously I've decided to take the safe route and take a break while I get some medical advice, but this isn't the only wall I've run into.

Of course when something goes wrong, it tends to get worse. To share a little bit of background info before I share the story, I workout in my garage with a simple bench, barbell, and free weights. So me being the most brilliant lifter who has ever lifted decide it's a great idea to drop my 280 lb deadlift at the end of my last set, and...

This guarantees a decently lengthy downtime regardless of a potential injury. Me being a broke college student can't afford a proper barbell, so I'll have to wait a month or two and scrap up some change for a cheap replacement. As for now the plan is to focus on what is in my control; I'm going run more frequently and see what I can do about body weight movements to keep myself maintained. Until next time...


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  1. I've had both my own equipment and a gym membership. The latter has always been better imo.