Sunday, May 22, 2011

Right to Death?

So the blog for today is going to be a story, which will require an answer that I'm not so sure I personally can answer.

I work for a print shop company, that will go unnamed, and there was a particular order that was placed just a few weeks ago that I was unaware of until the customer picked it up today. The product we were producing was a personalized plaque with a message on it. At first I thought there was some sort of typo when I saw the order after a co-worker brought it to my attention. It read something along the lines of

Mom I have not left you, I love you
Jane Doe
1/23/60 - 5/25/11

This looks awfully like something someone would have in memory of someone who is dead. Only the date of the death hasn't occurred yet. So when the customer arrives to pick up this order(the name on the plaque is the same name on the order form), she has her mother with her and my co-worker makes an attempt to bring this potential typo up to the customer. She quickly cut my co-worker off and requests not to have the finished product out of the bag. Also one other thing to note, the customer potentially had a disability and required crutches. Immediately after this happened I felt like shit, and continue to feel like shit. I don't know what I should do, if I should even do anything, whether I am assuming too much, or potentially invading someones privacy. The only other information I know about this person is an email address, which leaves me with a question I don't know how to answer.

Feel free to share your thoughts, or don't.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Why I don't Food Log

I don't log what food I eat, unless were talking about the content of the following blog! I have my own reasons and opinions as to why keeping track of all the macro-nutrients and exact log of the food I eat daily isn't necessary. One being the time sync that is involved with reading and tracking. Also doing a log almost seems like counting your steps while running. But while I say logging isn't required for reaching any sort of health or fitness goal, it is necessary to know the nutrients of what you eat. So this is where logging comes in with most people just to gain that knowledge of food they consume.

So for the blog of Thursday, May 19 2011 I am logging my food throughout the day! Before I get straight into it, this isn't a prime example by any means(I woke up at 11am today and first meal was at 12:30pm). My current diet varies depending on the workout I have on any particular day, so today is a heavy lifting chest day and this isn't the best I would like to eat during this type of day. It is what it is.

Meal 1: 12:30pm
4 egg whites, 2 whole eggs
3 sausage links
1 tbsp butter

36g fat
6g carb
45g protein
calories 550

Meal 2: 3:30pm
1 cup of oatmeal
~1 cup of skim milk
greek yogurt

6g fat
84g carb
31g protein
calories 530

workout here

Meal 3: 6:30
1 cup of skim milk
2 scoop protein powder
3 tbsp peanut butter
1 tbsp flax seed
hand full mix berries
pop tarts 

44.5g fat 
108g carb 
74g protein 
calories 1160

Meal 4: 8:30
5 turkey bacon strips
1 scoop protein powder in water
1/3 tbsp peanut butter

16g fat 
3g carb 
34g protein 
calories 325

Whole Day
102.5g fat 21%
201g carb 41%
184g protein 38%
calories 2565

To note I am 5'11" and 195 lbs.

As I said before this is in no way a prime example, literally zero vegetables and I ate pop tarts for a post-workout meal, reason being an over due visit to the grocery. This is also a good example as to why I don't do this on a regular basis; I can see myself one month down the road looking back on this and saying that I failed diet wise and become discouraged. Day to day diet isn't as important as consistent awareness of what you're body needs and work with what you got. Main idea is to not add any stress when your goal is health!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011


First blog is going to be a basic introduction of myself and planned content to be posted. I have no writing experience, always interested in just writing subjects of interest but never have seemed to get vague ideas into written format.

I have recently in the past year gotten heavily into health and fitness, with most of my free time spent absorbing and practicing a healthy and active lifestyle, so I will talking a lot about nutrition, exercise and everything in between.

As well as health/fitness I get my fair share of current events, and I will probably share much more of my opinions on the matter more than I anticipate at the moment. I promise to be heavily opinionated on any and all issues politics.

Of course as a nerd I will also be talking about video games! I won't get into my history and experience with the topic right this moment but I assume I will talk about the few games I currently play in depth. Along with the more complex break down of games, I will also talk about upcoming games I actually look forward to and probably even more about those I don't care about (hate in fact).

That's it for my first post, my first post is unplanned at the moment but look forward to it within the week!